Mayekawa – Agile team integration

After a hard year of ‘delivering targets’, December usually brings some respite. This is the time when some teams opt for training, which not only teaches them to work more agilely, but also a chance to integrate the team and have fun.

Photo: Here, we’d had a fairly common side effect of Agile training: team integration.

Mayekawa is a leading supplier of complete refrigeration, freezing and cogging robots both in Poland and abroad. The company originates from Japan and was founded in 1920. Despite the global nature of its operations, individual country branches are given the opportunity to pursue their own chosen strategies, thus increasing the flexibility to adapt to the needs of customers in a given market.

Most of the employees are talents, with great development potential. In this case, motivation for project participation is just as important as the next engineering challenge. Management approached us with the need to organise a training course that would be engaging even as an online event. This way, employees from remote locations could also participate.

Employees from different departments, not all adept at working in online tools.

A training programme based on the Raven 13 simulation, Retrospective, Agile Training and the FRIS® thinking and acting styles survey was delivered. It was all delivered in an online format.


Extraordinary technical preparation! Unlimited possibilities in times of limited contact. Substantive knowledge conveyed in such a light manner that one absorbs knowledge like a sponge absorbs water. Full professionalism and positive energy!

– Bartosz Pasek

I highly recommend training with Blaze! He is able to convey knowledge in an interesting way, encourage the group to actively participate in the training, and at the same time provide great fun!

– Dominika Romanowska

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