Ecovadis – team building for 120 people from all over the world

People need relationships at work just as a car engine needs oil to run properly.

EcoVadis – a global provider of sustainable development services


Team-building with a training module for 100+ people on five continents.


Recent years have seen rapid growth, with new employees joining every month and over 1,000 in 14 offices spread across the globe from NYC, Toronto, Paris, Barcelona and Hong Kong. The workload continues to grow, and the tightening restrictions of recent months have made people more willing to use remote working options. More and more projects are carried out in dispersed teams. With such a system of work, it is harder to build relationships, which are the catalyst for good communication in projects.


Integrate 120 customer service team members in an online format.


The participants were divided into groups of 20 people in two time areas: US/Canada+Europe and Asia+Australia. Each group participated in a 4-hour Raven 13 business simulation which allowed them to engage in a project challenge. This gave people the opportunity not only to integrate but also to learn together how to plan remote communication. During the subsequent missions of the rescue scenario, they had the opportunity to improve the collaboration process. One of the interesting discoveries of the participants was the change from the “Push” communication system (i.e. everyone asking one another, lots of chaotic messages about the status of mission progress) to the “Pull” system, i.e. structured communication according to the mission map, which allowed each participant to focus on priorities and signal risks.


One of the best team building session I ever had taking into consideration the pandemic situation and also loved the simulation app

– Dev Ramdin

This was a very unique and unexpected experience! I wanted to thank you for your great professionalism and positive vibes you brought to this activity!! I would recommend it to any company 🙂 It was a great online team building experience, which in my opinion can be quite a challenge. It was a success, thank you !!

– Margaux Basset

Great team building event organized by Blazej. I highly recommend

– Ken Kawachi

Unique experience. Though we were all in different places, we felt the thrill of an in-person team building. It was unlike any other team building activities, we really had time to communicate, ponder on our mistakes, build up strategies and mostly have fun. Really recommended.

– Ketsia Asseereega

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