Agility at Santander Leasing Inc.

In the projects, you should choose the right methodology just like you choose footwear for a mountain expedition. The first stage to the base camp should be done in comfortable approach shoes, while on the glacier it is safer to wear sturdy shoes with crampons.

Photo: Participants practice implementing change based on empiricism, which is the foundation of Agile. It is usually a challenge to move from talking about an idea, through showing a model of how it should work, to testing in practice whether it actually delivers value.

Santander Leasing S.A.


Agile training for participants in the prestigious InFLuencers Leasing development programme at Santander Leasing.


The financial services market in Poland is undergoing a dynamic transformation.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the way customers are reached in many industries.

Customers expect products and service processes and customized changes delivered at lightning speed. Santander Leasing’s Management Board, in order to put into practice the Company’s priority slogan ‘Customer First’, has highlighted the need to strengthen project management skills and the creation of innovative solutions for customers among employees in key departments.


Demonstrate the Agile philosophy in such a way that participants implement agile working methods in their offices and teams.

Photo: Full commitment from the team during the simulation. They have set themselves a very ambitious target, implemented improvements in communication and now it’s all about the quality of performance.


An analysis of the needs and state of Agile transformation was conducted. Based on the Organisational Development Programme, a programme of two-day Agile workshops has been developed.

Participants worked in groups of 4-6 together solving problems in the Raven 13 rescue simulation. Then, they went through the process of building a product according to the Scrum method included in the Agile training programme. During the workshop, all participants had the opportunity to take on roles in the project, which allowed them to experience by example how best to implement the project.

Photo: The joy of victory in a simulation!


Great training! Very entertaining exercises. Great experience. Training with humour, self-distance and great amount of expertise combined with practice.

– Wiesław Tabaka

Very informative training, lots of practical knowledge. Great atmosphere during the training, too.

– Dominika Karasiak

Very interesting workshops! Lots of examples, which made it easier to understand Agile! Błażej is a great coach.

– Marta Pietrzyk

A brilliant coach, full of verve and with a huge amount of knowledge. Highly recommended!

– Grzegorz Fiutka

Hey Błażej, I am just summarising the feedback surveys after your training and you have an average score of 5.0 this is the highest score from this and the previous edition of our programme! Congratulations and thank you for such cooperation.

– Paulina Józefowska

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