Agility at Santander Leasing Inc.

Client: Stantander Leasing Inc.


Agile training for prestigious Influencers development program participants.


The financial services market is undergoing a dynamic transformation. The C19 pandemic has transformed the way businesses reach customers in many industries. Customers expect products tailored to their needs, delivered in an instant manner. In order to implement the “Customer First” strategy, the Management Board of Santander Leasing highlighted the need to strengthen project management competencies and create innovative solutions for customers among employees of key departments.


Present the Agile philosophy in such a way that the participants will implement agile working methods in their departments.


The Agile transformation status was confirmed with the client. A custom two-day Agile workshop program was adopted for the business context. The participants worked in groups of 4-6 people, solving problems together during the simulation Raven 13 rescue mission. Then, they went through the product building process in accordance with the Scrum method included in the Agile training program. During the workshops, all participants had the opportunity to play roles in the project, which allowed them to experience how to best implement the project on real-life examples.

Participants testimonials:

Great training. Very interesting exercises. A fun experience. Training had lots of humor combined with real-cases practice.

Wiesław Tabaka 

Very robust training, a lot of practical knowledge. There was a great atmosphere during the training

Dominika Karasiak

A very interesting workshop! Lots of examples to make Agile easier to understand! Blaze is a great coach

Marta Pietrzyk 

Blaze is a sensational trainer, full of energy and knowledge. I recommend!

Grzegorz Fiutka