LiNA Medical – the power of project management

A successful engineering team is one that is enthusiastic and active, provided they can agree on how to collaborate to accomplish a task. 

Photo: Błażej discusses methods for combining cascading management with an iterative way of producing products.

LiNA Medical specialises in developing innovative, safe and easy-to-use products for the gynaecology care sector. The company was founded by Niels Kornerup in 1977 in Denmark and started by designing and manufacturing ECG electrodes. In 2005, LiNA Medical’s production facility was relocated to Poland. A branch office was opened in Sady near Poznań, comprising a modern production hall and a Business Services Centre – a global one-stop-shop. 

The project team included a number of professionals with extensive expertise as well as a significant amount of young talent. During the work some issues with prioritizing and communicating emerged. The R&D management saw the need to clarify the project methodology. The scope included long-term projects (or programmes) for strategic customers. An additional element was to analyse the competences of project managers and find improvements in their daily work.

Photo: The Retrospective included a step in which participants discussed project ideas in groups.

How to convince a group of ambitious engineers to implement a project management methodology as a working framework.

Photo: working on the product yourself is a crucial component of Agile training.

The programme in the first phase included a set of stationary workshops such as: Retrospective, Raven 13 Simulation, Agile Training. In the next phase, we carried out an analysis of FRIS® thinking and acting styles after which we had 2 hours of meetings just for project managers to talk about how to manage teams and projects. An additional element was one-to-one consultations, which allowed individual managers to find their personal leadership and management style that matched their thinking and acting style.

Photo: Workshop participants celebrate the completion of the first phase of the development programme.


Highly recommend Agile training conducted by Blaze. The training is strongly practice-oriented, involving intire team. The content of the training is presented in a memorable way, so it can be easily implemented. Thanks to Blaze, especially for the opportunity to meet individually some time after training, summarize the effects and share other thoughts .

– Weronika Borowiak

I had a pleasure of attending the training provided by Błażej. He is very profesional, open minded trainer and share his extensive experience in very interesting way. You learn in practical way – by experiencing and that is why the knowledge stays with you for a long time. Highly recommended!

– Martyna Czekała

I had a chance to participate in Agile Project Management Training conducted by Blaze. That were really great two days with lots knowledge shared. Blaze is a proffessional with enormous experience and tons of positive energy.

Numerous practical excercises kept the whole team really engaged. The training itsefl was kind of unique, as it was not about studying the theory from presentation and slides. It was mostly learning by practising and experiencing .

I really recommend Blaze if You would like to improve your knowlede in Project Manamegent and broaden your horizons in that area.

– Michał Jąkalski

I have accomplished Agile Project Management training made by Blażej, and that was a great experience. Training was perfectly suited and adjusted to our team needs and Błażej as a trainer leads to valuable conclusions in really comfortable way. Sincerely recommend!

– Paweł Łukaszewicz

Very interesting training. No boring slides, very practical approach. Lots of inspiration for project development.

– Oktawia Połczyńska

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