Raven 13

rescue mission simulation

Key Benefits:

  • Trains the process improvement identification and implementation
  • Helps to understand how self-organization encourages innovation
  • Improves the communication within the team and mutual trust
  • Explains the proper planning and creation of documentation
  • Nauczysz się jak komunikować się z zespołem podczas zachodzących zmian, uwzględniając potrzeby i oczekiwania wszystkich jego członków
  • Brings fun within the realm of divergent thinking during the simulation

People are the core of any innovation process. Their insights, concerns, and desires shape the pursuit of new ideas and the countless decisions to be made in the process of transforming these ideas into value. Consequently, managing innovation is largely a process of managing people, and also managing the principles and practices according to which their work is organized. One of the most important principles of creativity is that it’s really hard to be creative unless you’re having fun. Drudgery, boredom, conformance, and compliance are all creativity killers in the worst way, which means that all of the ideation processes listed below have to be pursued with some degree of whimsy and light-heartedness even as fundamental principles of business judgment will ultimately underlie all decisions.

This workshop brings a unique experience of driving innovation as a joint team experience. The participants encounter a challenge during the case study. The scenario requires organizing a successful rescue mission on the underwater station. The interaction level is intensive therefore it requires a hands-on approach. Each participant utilizes a smartphone app to make quick decisions and contribute to the team’s success. The facilitator’s led retrospective sessions stimulate the new ideas generation that could be transferred to the participants’ business environment.

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Blaze Goraj.

Project Management Expert

Blaze helps teams achieve results in an agile way. He was previously Portfolio Manager at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and held many project and program management positions in HPE and Mondelez International

He has helped start-ups to shorten the product delivery cycles and build an agile culture. He specializes in the design & delivery of custom agile workshops based on simulations and case studies. He is an Agile practitioner and certified Professional Scrum Master