Project Management workshop

Key Benefits:

  • help the company to keep up with the market via efficient change and priorities control
  • save money via earlier defects identification and resolution
  • build a team based on definitions of key roles (Product Manager, Project Coordinator)
  • deliver faster solutions in accordance with the customer’s expectations
  • improve teamwork so that everyone is involved
  • efficiently lead project meetings so as not to waste time
  • be able to address customer needs and distinguish between “I want” and “I need”
  • estimate the project to be more predictable in terms of work inputs
  • monitor the work and estimate the deadline
  • correctly use PM tools
  • to effectively summarize the project stage in the form of a review
  • optimize resource consumption and scale the project team
  • motivate the team to work and build authority
  • improve communication in the team so that all participants feel included in the project
  • effectively manage goals and priorities

The training provides an understanding of agile management philosophy based on the Scrum method. Each element is explained in relation to the theory and at the same time supported by a practical exercise, which allows you to understand how to apply an element in practice. The main element of the workshop is the simulation of the project in which participants plan and develop the product to understand the concept in reference to a practical example.

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Blaze Goraj.

Project Management Expert

Blaze helps teams achieve results in an agile way. He was previously Portfolio Manager at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and held many project and program management positions in HPE and Mondelez International

He has helped start-ups to shorten the product delivery cycles and build an agile culture. He specializes in the design & delivery of custom agile workshops based on simulations and case studies. He is an Agile practitioner and certified Professional Scrum Master