agile project management


  • Understanding how to work agilely in project teams so that there are more tangible results at the end of the week
  • Knowing how to effectively develop customer needs and differentiate between ‘I want’ and ‘I need’ to build products and services that sell well
  • Knowing how to structure communication with service providers and ensure priorities are taken care of in an ever-changing environment
  • To learn the best team communication methods and tricks, including for use in remote teams

Are projects in your company getting delayed? Are there a lot of endless revisions? Is the communication chaos driving you crazy? According to Standish Group research, only 33% of projects are fully successful, that is, they are as expected and within time and budget. The others are a torment to teams and a curse to clients.

During the training course, you will experience Agile, the philosophy of agile project management, the application of which speeds up project delivery and increases customer satisfaction. This training is a one-day project during which you will prepare a product from idea through implementation to presentation to the client. You will work in teams and take on different roles in the project to see for yourself what it means: planning a project, defining priorities in a product, conducting a team meeting and communicating problems to the client. You will see concrete use cases and tricks to make your work easier.



Agile philosophy in practice

  • Where Agile came from and how to use it in projects
  • In which projects Agile will work best
  • Methods for increasing productivity in projects
  • Which Agile methods to apply in your projects
  • Comparison of classic management methods with agile methods
  • Project vs. product

Results and tools in an agile project

  • Who is who in an agile project (client, coordinator, specialist, developer)
  • Combining roles, scaling teams
  • Situational leadership and the concept of supportive leadership
  • How to prepare a product backlog efficiently
  • How to track problems and inform the customer accordingly
  • How to understand incremental product development

Work planning and communication in an agile project

  • Planning and summarising sprints
  • How to use the Kanban process in an agile project
  • Techniques for increasing product quality
  • What a product demo should look like
  • Comfortable prioritising
  • Working effectively with customer requirements

Monitoring project progress

  • Methods for estimating work, monitoring project progress, defining team velocity
  • Overview of available project tools, so that you can start working agile the very next day
  • Problem and crisis resolution
  • How to conduct an effective project retrospective

Blaze Goraj.

Project Team Advisor

Twenty years ago I started with a small start-up but was quickly drawn into Fortune500 giants such as Hewlett-Packard and Mondelez International.

The key to gaining experience was diversity: from help-desk system implementation projects, to leading organisational change, creating animated films for children and transforming a shared service centre for a bank. Every project problem I had to solve cost me one hair off my head.

I have discovered that the best project teams have four powers: vision, people, tools and results. I help clients develop these powers by providing original training and project consultancy.



A fantastically led workshop! Great preparation – a big plus for the email with tips on how to prepare for the workshop, which made it run smoothly. Punctual, factual, with attention to detail and a good atmosphere. Very creative too! Learning management through the elements of a game, i.e. combining action with thinking and theory in a fun setting. It was a very worthwhile and fruitful day. Thanks!🙂

– Anna Wojciechowska

Participating in the training led by Blaze was an exciting adventure for me. The various tasks, the dialogue in an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, the approachable delivery of the content – all this contributed to a broadening of my self-awareness in the context of specific thinking and acting. Thanks to the training, I feel I have a more coherent picture of myself, my resources and limitations, which I think will translate into effective interaction with others. I truly recommend it!

– Renata Chylińska

A fantastically led workshop. The atmosphere that Blaze brought in was amazing and propelled me to action. I took a lot of practical knowledge out of the class. I strongly recommend it!

– Agata Górska

If you are thinking about attending a class, my answer is: a definite YES! A lot of substantive knowledge, discussed in a simple and clear manner using modern tools. Engaging “games” allowing to look at the problem from different sides and at the same time activating all the participants to solve it together. I found the idea of a game involving everyone in cooperation brilliant! I strongly recommend it!

– Paweł Kowalski

Excellent trainer. Motivates group interaction, integrates, explains issues very clearly, activates and deepens the action process. Excellent facilitation skills. Highly recommended.

– darijah3

Full professionalism during training, a lot of substantive content, but also a good atmosphere, the ability to engage participants to work actively and efficiently. Time well spent!

– Aleksandra Winder

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