YES JEWELLERY – Agile in the Project Management Office (PMO)

The best project teams move forward despite difficulties. Every day, they leap over the ” Can’t Dos” and strenuously climb the “Impossibles” to be surprised by the results at the end.

Photo: the team practices team collaboration during the Raven 13 simulation

YES Jewellery is one of the leading jewellery manufacturers in Poland. It has a network of 160 showrooms in the most prestigious locations.

The team is running an increasing number of projects involving representatives from different departments. Working in interdisciplinary teams requires consistency of process, which is why I was asked to analyse the project management process for the Team. The people involved in this training and consultancy process had to deepen their project management core skills.

Propose solutions that will work in an environment with 40 years of tradition in the luxury and artisanal products industry.

Photo: the team sets the strategy for action in the next mission of the Raven 13 simulation

The training and consultancy project was divided into 3 phases. In the first phase, a team Retrospective was conducted, which confirmed the strengths and main development areas. The team was then trained using the Raven 13 simulation and Agile training. This gave everyone an understanding of the key methods and tools of modern project work. The final phase of the development project was the Team Consultation, which allowed the participants to understand the newly acquired knowledge in specific business situations.


Błażej is a professional, brisk and inspiring Trainer. He provided us with a lot of solid knowledge, useful in our work (!) in a short time. The material was worked through during games and very real-life exercises. Błażej is a good listener, has a broad knowledge and interesting experiences from other companies. I would definitely recommend working with him!

– Agnieszka Żak-Stechlińska

Inspiring, interesting, effective.
The coach has a lot of knowledge, and passes it on very well both theoretically and practically.
Great atmosphere! I strongly recommend it!

– Agnieszka Frąckowska

Substantive training with discussion of many project management tools, very engaging for participants. The best training I have ever attended – I recommend it to everyone 🙂

– Agnieszka Kaniewska

Błażej is extremely professional and charismatic. He conducts his workshops in an organised, transparent manner. Likeability and his approach to the others makes meeting him a pleasure and the work inspiring.

– Marta Machowska

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