Leadership in a project team


  • More effective, authentic people management
  • Deeper employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Lower staff turnover and greater pull of talents into the team
  • A deeper sense of peace and internal balance within the team

Have you been wondering how to engage people in action? Are you developing a team and want to manage it professionally? Are you looking for ways to spark leadership talent in your team? The Gallup Institute conducted a worldwide survey examining how we evaluate our work. It turns out that only 5 per cent. of Poles consider their job to be great, while 37 per cent consider it to be good. This result, sadly, places us only 8th among the former Eastern Bloc countries. An important element of the assessment is the quality of management in the workplace.

During the training, you will deepen your understanding of motivation and the link to the hierarchy of values in order to be able to inspire and engage people more fully. During the individual modules, you will learn how to build a work environment in which a state of enhanced productivity can be achieved You will also develop a mission and vision for your team. An important piece of the puzzle is the proper use of incentives and rewards within the team. The whole thing is topped off with elements related to employee appraisal, building flexibility in the workplace, team dynamics and building a community of employees.


Engaging the team

  • Defining the team’s mission, vision and values
  • Leadership role and management methods – situational leadership
  • Effective communication with the team, leadership expose
  • Adapting the team life cycle

A rewarding workplace

  • Innovative team structures, job contracts
  • Flexible working hours and tools to track progress
  • Goal definition (MBO, OKR, KPI)
  • Employee appraisals and individual development plans

Team motivation

  • Psychological aspects of motivation
  • A broader view of people’s needs
  • Reward and punishment mechanisms

Building a community of employees

  • Team integration
  • Cultural aspects in management
  • Building a community of employees
  • Initiatives that inspire the team

Blaze Goraj

Project Team Advisor

Twenty years ago I started with a small start-up but was quickly drawn into Fortune500 giants such as Hewlett-Packard and Mondelez International.

The key to gaining experience was diversity: from help-desk system implementation projects, to leading organisational change, creating animated films for children and transforming a shared service centre for a bank. Every project problem I had to solve cost me one hair off my head.

I have discovered that the best project teams have four powers: vision, people, tools and results. I help clients develop these powers by providing original training and project consultancy.

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