MBA Atlanta: Agile for executives

Agile transformation is becoming a more popular strategy for businesses. In this situation, management is crucial to success since it will influence whether or not workers believe that working smarter, not harder, is worthwhile.

Photo: The project simulation helps to involve all participants without exception. During the simulation, each working group sought to produce the best outcome possible.

Participants in the prestigious MBA-Atlanta programme at the Poznań University of Economics include executives from some of Poland’s largest companies. International participants are also present. There are also participants from abroad. 

Every year, the programme is attended by managers of companies from different continents. This makes it possible to share experiences about managing projects in a multicultural setting. 

Photo: Despite the high level of tension during the simulation, there are moments to rejoice as milestones are achieved

The university reported a need to arrange a Project Management programme for demanding participants with diverse backgrounds. Due to the international nature of the group, simulations, materials and activities are in English. The lectures’ practical focus, which reflected the viewpoint of executives who frequently take part as sponsors or leaders of initiatives, was a crucial component.

Photo: In the next exercise, the team builds a product and gets ready to present the results.

The program was designed based on a Kolb cycle. First, the group was presented with a challenge without being given any tools or techniques. After that, they had a chance to discuss the findings and were provided ideas, tools, and techniques. The group got the opportunity to attempt the challenge once more during the second iteration while using a system project management approach. The workshop scenario was based on Raven 13 simulation and Agile workshop.


I had pleasure to meet Blazej during MBA lecuture. This was combination of workshop, project management game and teaching session with use of whiteboard. No boring slides. A lot of energy, action and inspiration. We spent most time in teams identifying challenges in project management world. I really recommend Blazej’s trainings if you are looking for practical knowledge.

– Rafał Modelski

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop led by Błażej as part of the Poznań-Atlanta Executive MBA at the Poznań University of Economics. It was a very productive and interesting time. Błażej has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the subject of Project Management and, more importantly, he is an excellent communicator. The course was carefully planned and executed, with a healthy dosage of enthusiasm and humor, to create a setting that makes it very enjoyable and, most importantly, useful for learning practical information. Information that I am sure will be useful in my professional work.

– Andrzej Kręglewski

I had a pleasure to attend PM training hosted by Błażej. I can really recommend his services if you want to build up coherent knowledge about project management in your team. Trainings are conducted with great passion and energy, additionally . All topics mentioned during our training could be break down into details if needed but also really generic what is great and understandable for all.

– Tomasz Bocheński

Best lecturerer, well prepared always, interesting,. Great specialist in project management. Im really impressed.

– Paweł Rafalski

Great project management training! Great knowledge supported by practice! I sincerely recommend!

– Maciej Brzuszkiewicz

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