BISDN – Agile in software development

Sometimes the creativity of leaders overtakes the capacity of the team. Agile, together with a streamlined kanban board, helps to focus on priorities and minimise work in progress.

Photo: When a client contracts an onsite workshop, we recommend that the space be well-lit and conducive to creative work. But what if the workshop space is in fact a garden?

BISDN was founded in 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and set out to develop the software needed in the rapidly changing world of software defined networking. Based on long-standing experience in the area of telecommunication as well as datacenter networking, BISDN focusses on high-performance whitebox switching and open network software solutions.

The team had been working on the innovative product for over a year. The priority was to urgently complete the first version of the product, which could be distributed to users and investors.

Photo: Breakthrough moment of the product backlog review. The Product Owner faced difficult decisions about what we would not do in the first version of the product.

The team consists of experienced and driven engineers and developers who have used Agile and the Scrum approach in the past, but for some reason it didn’t work out. The key challenge was to get the team to embrace the Agile way of working and consistently employ the standard procedures and tools.

Photo: Summary of key findings from the Retrospective.

We started the workshop with a Team Retrospective, followed by an Agile workshop. In the next stage Blaze took part in the summaries and planning of the next sprints. This gave the team the opportunity to understand how the Scrum method works through a concrete example. The final stage was a consultation for the Product Owner to improve the effectiveness of prioritising and defining the business value of the different elements of the product backlog.


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