Asahi Breweries (Kompania Piwowarska): Mir91 business simulation for recruitment

How do you make recruitment an exciting adventure for candidates, almost like an international space mission? Or what if you have to choose from a pool of very strong candidates and you have to select the best ones in the final stage of the recruitment process?

Photo: Shuttle Atlantis docked to the Mir space station, during the joint mission on which the Mir 91 business simulation scenario is based.

Kompania Piwowarska, owned by Asahi Breweries, is the leader in the Polish beer market. Its product portfolio includes the brands: LECH, Tyskie and Żubr, the Książęcy range of speciality beers, as well as a wide range of flavored and alcohol-free beers. Asahi operates under the brand “Kompania Piwowarska” in Poland.


The company runs a number of recruitment programmes among young talent.

The HR department was looking for an attractive way to test the best candidates in project situations. An additional aspect was to reinforce the positive candidate experience for those who made it to the final recruitment stage but were ultimately not hired.

Photo: A section of the Mir91 simulation board on which the simulation participants moved while completing their subsequent tasks.


Carry out an online version of the simulation and fit the whole thing into a 4-hour time slot.  Provide an opportunity for each participant to show their potential. Involve hiring managers in the process, who ultimately made the decision to take on particular candidates. Provide an educational value to all participants so that, regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process, they feel they received great value from the recruitment process.


Together with HR representatives, I analyzed the needs of the recruitment process in the selected talent search programme. After analyzing the defined need, I proposed the Mir 91 simulation, which allows critical thinking and continuous improvement skills to emerge in subsequent iterations. In addition, with Mir an important element is the retrospective, where each participant had the chance to give feedback. The whole thing was topped off with a visit from the managers, who had the opportunity to see their candidates in action during the mission. It was interesting to see how individuals handled difficulties and how they supported the group process. In the course of the simulation, each participant had the opportunity to practice several different feedback patterns which was an additional educational value for all.


I had the pleasure of working with Błażej Goraj on an innovative project for Kompania Piwowarska.

Błażej showed great experience and flexibility in adjusting tools to a non-standard solution that was needed in the recruitment process. He also showed a great understanding of our needs and was able to adapt perfectly to the situation.

From our perspective, the implementation of the simulation was excellent. Błażej is a professional who is also just a great person which made the simulation, being a part of the recruitment process, a pleasure for the candidates and an amazing experience, as we found out later when we were thanked for the opportunity to participate in this event.

I would definitely recommend working with Błażej, as it is a pure pleasure to work with such a professional person for whom work is also a passion, which is very evident, because the style of conducting workshops is very relaxed and satisfying. I think that the way Błażej conducts his workshops is of outstanding value, because he imparts a lot of knowledge, forces us to consider, takes us out of our comfort zone, and makes us come to important conclusions. An additional benefit is the positive customer experience you get when dealing with Błażej.

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