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There is a Polish proverb saying that “If you want to get to know someone well, you need to eat a barrel of salt with them”. But how to do it when you have teams from different locations, one day of workshops and a growing trend to avoid salt in food? ;-P

Photo: A benefit of this workshop was the active presence of managers. This gave support to jointly developed ideas for improvement.

ABC Technologies was founded 40 years ago in Canada. It has around 30 facilities, sales and design offices worldwide. Since its foundation, it has been active in the automotive industry, manufacturing and supplying parts directly to the production lines of major car manufacturers.

As the company has grown and market trends have changed, there has been a need for development in project management, work organisation and productivity enhancement.

Photo: The first mission of the Raven 13 simulation, individual groups focus on their priorities. Participants are on their way to their ‘oh!’ moments.

The participants were located in different countries and it was necessary to build a sense of a common mission, a single purpose despite cultural differences and operational priorities.


The participants were divided into groups of 5-6 representatives from different countries. As a result, from the first minutes of the Raven 13 simulation, everyone had the opportunity to get to know each other better in a joint mission to save people. The simulation allowed everyone to experience the collaborative work and challenges in the projects. It provided vibrant analogies for the Retrospective that followed in the afternoon. During the retrospective, participants shared their impressions of their collaboration. An interesting feature of this retrospective was that participants were highly involved in proposing simple, quick-to-implement improvements. The presence of the management ensured that the originators received support for their proposed initiatives, which is the greatest value of this workshop.

Photo: Retrospective, working with metaphors of images of the organisation to quickly exchange participants’ perspectives
Photo: A poster that illustrated the challenging day in the simulation and key findings and insights.


By working with we have been able to improve staff awareness and skills.  I would recommend for training and employee development programmes, as it has enabled us to make organisational changes and to undertake new projects in an informed, effective and efficient manner.

Dominiki Fryczyński
Director General
ABC Technologies
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